Framlabs impact


Testing a new value proposition.

For a leading utility, with more than 1.4 million customers.


Challenge: Test and derisk new consumer propositions in the electric vehichle space.

Results: Key hypothesis validated. 6.5% sign-up rate confirmed consumer appetite for the proposition.


  • ✓ Great insights, fast
  • ✓ Fast execution, no impact on interal systems
  • ✓ Large new revenue opportunity validated


Assesing demand for a new service.

For a large energy supplier, with over €3 billion in annual revenue.


Challenge: Assess demand for a new service, in advance of running a multi-million euro pilot.

Results: Key hypothesis invalidated. Less than 2.5% registration for new service showed that there was limited interest in the proposition.


  • ✓ Great insights, fast
  • ✓ Millions in cost savings
  • ✓ Clarity of next actions
  • ✓ Quick decision-making


Exploring new forms of learning.

For an innovation team of a global internet giant.


Challenge: Experiment with a new form of peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

Results: Key hypothesis validated. New learning format delivers real value and engagement.


  • ✓ New peer-to-peer learning format validated
  • ✓ Great insights uncovered
  • ✓ New tools created and shared
  • ✓ Service primed for global rollout

“We got great insight, quickly without impacting on internal systems and resources. We’ve identified a new growth service that can add millions to our bottom line”.

— A project partner from a leading utility company

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