Know, don't guess.

 Use digital experiments to test, validate, learn and de-risk new business ideas and propositions, quickly & with rigour.

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Framlabs Experiments remove the mystery, risk, and ad hoc nature of new idea exploration.

Insight, based on real behaviour

Measure what people actually do. Get better insights, based on real behaviour. Eliminate guesswork. Make better, data-based decisions.

Lower risk, greater returns

De-risk and optimise future investments. Identify problems sooner. Reduce opportunity cost. Know where to focus.

Learn faster than competition

Remove barriers to experimentation. Try things, explore more, and learn faster creating a sustainable point of difference.

Rigorous digital experiments.

Unique & proven methods for testing and validating new business ideas, propositions or product features.
  • Experiment design

    We clarify the key question, what you want to learn. We design a robust experiment to answer the key question, with maximum insight and minimal error and bias.

    We create everything you need - messaging, pages, analytics setup, campaign targetting - to deploy and execute your experiment. 

    We collect data, analyse user behaviour, and report outcomes against success metrics and benchmarks, with clear actions and next steps.
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Rigorous, robust, better data & insights, faster, with no risk.

Robust experiment design

Be clear about your hypotheses, minimise bias, get defensible answers, and identify logical follow-on actions.

Unambiguous success criteria

Know exactly what to measure, how best to measure it, with clear success criteria and thresholds. No vanity metrics ever.

No risk to your brand and name

Derisk experimentation. We insulate you from all risks & exposure under a custom external brand.

Without GDPR complications

We hold all customer data and anonymize delivery. You don't have to jump through any compliance hoops.

Insights based on real behaviour

Insights based on what people do, not what they say they’ll do. We track actual behaviour for trustworthy insights.

Unprecedented speed

We can design, deploy and report on an experiment in just one month. Which means you can learn and react faster.

Case Studies: Real-Life Applications

See how Framlabs experiments have helped our customers solve business challenges.

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