Who are Framlabs?

Innovators, entrepreneurs, and metrics-driven people, tired of unreliable methods & innovation buzzwords.

Our Story

Get into the Boat, Get out on the Ice.

Once upon a time, there was a boat. Designed for exploration and adventure: small, strong, agile, maneuverable. The strongest wooden boat ever built. A mobile laboratory. A spaceship of its age. The FRAM.

Behind FRAM’s design, an audacious idea: that it was possible float to the North Pole. In April 1895, the FRAM brought a Norwegian team, led by Fritjof Nansen, the farthest North any humans had ever been: 86° 14′ North.

Fifteen years later, FRAM has another audacious mission: to bring Roald Amundsen and his team to the South Pole.

On 14 December 1911, Amundsen’s team win the race to the South Pole, getting there some five weeks before the competing British team led by Scott.

Safely there and back. The furthest North, the furthest South. FRAM, forward.


Morgan McKeagney

CEO • Morgan is a co-founder of FRAMLABS, an entrepreneur & user experience pioneer, passionate about how design and a relentless focus on the user create business value.

Toby Scott

Director of Learning • Toby is a co-founder of FRAMLABS, and a design thinking pioneer. Toby’s passion is enabling collaboration and change in complex corporate environments.

Joe Pacal

Head of Product • Joe is a co-founder of FRAMLABS, an entrepreneur, and experienced maker of products for millions of users. Joe's drive is to create tools for reliable innovation.

Rikard Lassenius

Brand & Communications • Riki is a co-founder of FRAMLABS, and a world-class designer, artist and visual storyteller. Rikard safeguards and shapes our look & story.

Fran McKeagney

Operations, Advisory • Fran is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. His drive for building scaleable companies manifests in his interest in helping Framlabs run well and grow.


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